Thursday, September 27, 2012

Henry - 7 Months (June 2012)

You no longer sleep through dinner if we go out to eat.  You like to sit in our laps and reach for things.  It makes eating dinner a little more difficult, but it is fun to watch you be more active and alert.

You still don't care for tummy time and now roll over onto your back almost immediately, when put on your tummy.

You are 6-9 month clothes now.

You went back to daycare.  I cried the first day I dropped you off.  I went home and sniffed your pajamas all day.  You did well your first week and I felt better about starting work the week after.
Newport Aquarium - Mighty Mike... you would have just been a little snack to him!

I work so far away from you (35-45 min) and I HATE that aspect of working.  I miss being able to visit you at lunch, like I did when we lived in Lexington.

Aunt Leann came to visit and taught you how to scream.  She had the coolest sock monkey socks!

You have been to 2 Reds Games now and they won both... you are a lucky charm!  We even got to see a Grand Slam!

You sit up on your own now and will play with your toys independently for long periods of time.

You eat solids better now, but still don't like it much.

We have taken a few trips to the zoo and aquarium.  You like the aquarium better.

We celebrated Jason's first Father's Day.  The daycare dressed you up in a man's suit and framed a picture of you in it.  Weird.  We got a good laugh out of it!
You went in a swimming pool for the first time at your Grandpa's and were pretty laid back about it.  I think you will love it when you figure out how much fun it is to splash!
You are very interested in Lucie now and watch her every move.  Lucie still doesn't pay much attention to you.  That will change when you start dropping cherrios on the floor!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fabulous Fall Exchange - link up!

Fall is my favorite season!  I am so ready for chili, pumpkin bread, football, boots, ghost tours and halloween candy! 

One of my favorite bloggers and real life friend from college, Sarah, is hosting the Fabulous Fall Exchange and I just had to join in the fun!  If you love Fall and Pumpkin Spice Lattes as much as I do, visit Simply Sarah Style and link up! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Henry - 6 Months (May 2012)

You have gotten to be such a big boy!  Not only physically, but in the ways that you observe things, handle toys, react to sounds, etc. 
You like to touch Lucie, but she's still not too fond of getting her eyeballs grabbed.
You have the funniest facial expressions.  Some of my favorites are when you raise your eyebrows while looking around a room... focus hard and stick your tongue out a little when forming words (babble)... open your eyes real wide when startled.
You are really ticklish and giggle when I wash under your arms and under your chin.
You met your new cousin, Travis, who is 5 months younger than you... but will be your size in no time.  You all liked cuddling together and sleeping.
 We moved to Northern KY and you have adapted quite well.  Your sleep was the most affected and you started waking up every few hours at night.  It was hard, but after a few weeks you went back to just waking up a few times.
 You had to say goodbye to your daycare friends (Camryn, Emaya, McKinley, Kinley) and the people who cared for you (Miss Rebecca, Jessyka and Beth).  I actually cried when I left there for the last time.  They were all so great... letting me come see you every day.  They would text me every morning to let me know what time you would be ready to eat at lunch, so that I could come feed you.  It was the best part of my day!  I really bonded with everyone at BALC and I know you did too!
Coolest Mohawk since Maddox Jolie-Pitt!
 Good side to that is I spent all of May home with you!  Even Daddy was home with us most of the time.  We spent the majority of the time moving and settling into our new home, but we also went to the aquarium, zoo,  spent a lot of time with our family and exploring our new city.

Newport Aquarium with your friend, Cale.
 You tried solid foods for the first time.  We started with cereal and  you were NOT a fan!  Neither were you a fan of bananas nor sweet potatoes.  I'm pretty sure you just don't like eating from a spoon.  You do, however, like drinking water from a sippy cup.  You spit most of it out, but at least you like it in your mouth.
 You cough before you sneeze.  I think it's because you feel the sensation of a sneeze coming on and don't know what it is, so you cough.  It's hilarious!
 You still resemble your dad, but are starting to look a little like me... mainly your eyes and nose.
I celebrated my first Mother's Day!  You and Daddy made me feel very appreciated with new patio furniture and flowers/balloons.  Of course, the balloon was your favorite part.  :)
You are so cute and learning so fast!  I love to see the world through your eyes!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Henry - 5 Months (almost 2 months overdue)

  • You can sit up really well, although not unassisted yet.  We put you in your bumbo seat, but you fall over sometimes.  

  • You have discovered your feet and you like playing with them more than any toy.
  •  You laugh a lot and it's easier to catch your smiles on camera.  

  • You love to play with the tv remote and my iphone.  Bad habits to start, I know.
  •  You like for us to put our face close to yours so that you can grab it.  You especially like touching your daddy's beard.

  • You are still in size 3-6 months clothes and wear a size 2 diaper.  Not sure how much you weigh or your length... we'll find that out in another month.

  •  You still sleep pretty well at night, waking only once or twice.  I could probably break you of this by letting you "cry it out", but not sure I could bear it.  I HATE to hear you cry.  Good thing you rarely do.
  •  You love books.  I showed you a Dr. Seuss book at Kroger and ended up having to buy it because you cried when I put it back on the shelf.  No doubt I spoil you rotten.
  •  The Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship!!!  You were a champ and stayed up to watch the game.  Your daddy and I had always hoped we would be in Lexington to see the Cats win it all and a month before we moved, it happened!  However I always imagined that when it happened I would be out celebrating on the corner of Euclid and Woodland; not heading home to put my baby to bed.  Maybe you are a lucky charm.  
GO CATS!  You were really excited for them to play!
Picture taken right after the Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.
  •  We celebrated your first Easter.  You were not very interested in your Easter basket because Papaw had a ceiling fan to look at.  You liked visiting with all your family in Western Kentucky though.  Not sure you were ever put down.
You were more interested in Papaw's ceiling fan than the Easter basket.  The basket was Jason's when he was little.

  • Your girlfriend, Evie, came to visit again.  You even let her sleep in your crib.
  •  When you sleep, you still put your hands by your ears or on your forehead.  In most of our u/s pics you did this too. 
  •  I can't wait to spend more time with you once we move and I have a break off from work.  You are in the best moods in the morning and I love spending that time with you.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

We like to call him Dr. Daddy

Henry can now call his daddy - "Dr. Daddy"!  Jason graduated with his Ph.D in Neuroscience on Friday, April 13.  I am so proud of all his hard work the past 5 years.  He is very dedicated to his career in medical research with numerous published papers, awards and now Dr. in front of his name! 

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that he is making a difference in the world with his research in traumatic brain injury.  He is a great role model for our son and I really hope Henry gets his intelligence.  I'm no dummy... but I'm not a brain scientist either.  

To celebrate his graduation, we had a party at our house with about 40 of our closest friends, family and Jason's colleagues.  I am kicking myself b/c I didn't pick up my camera during the party at all.  FAIL!

I knew it was a good time because when I got up the next morning there was a keg in our front hallway, solo cups strewn across our lawn (and our neighbors), about 15 lawn chairs still sitting out in the driveway (no clue who they belong too) and the garage door still open. Plus there was enough cake left over for breakfast!  :)

Ignore the disaster in the garage... it was packed with boxes for our move.  Normally we can fit my car in there.

Congrats Jason/Dr. Daddy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A new chapter in our life...

I haven't been blogging lately because we have a lot going on.  Jason graduated with his phd in neuroscience (smarty pants) and got a job in Cincinnati... so we bought a house, I quit my job (hoping to transfer to the Cincinnati office in June), and left the city we met, married and had a baby in and moved to Northern Kentucky.  Whew... I am still tired from it all.

I am so excited about this new chapter in our lives and living close to Jason's family and our friends.  He grew up minutes from our new house.  Henry is lucky to have so many people around him that love him.  Plus, it was nice to have all those people helping us move and fix up our new house.  Not to mention we are now close to an aquarium, zoo, a major league baseball team, a pro-football team and most importantly outlets!!!!  Once I am employed again, I will be hitting them up!  :)

Of course, I couldn't have a post without a pic of my little guy. 


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