Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Baby H is here!!!

Introducing Henry Clyde... better known as "Baby H"

Born 11/22/11 @ 7:42 am weighing 6 lbs, 6 oz and 20.5" 

He is a happy healthy little guy and already has mommy and daddy wrapped around his tiny fingers!

We are busy feeding, changing and snuggling with our little guy... will post the birth story soon! 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I Find "Pinteresting"...

I'm obsessed with Pinterest!  Here are a few of my fave finds this week...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shout out to my baby daddy!

This past week Jason celebrated his 28th birthday... which I am so excited about because now Baby H's birth certificate will say that both of his parents are 28.  I turned 28 in July and really didn't want Jason to be 27.  Weird, I know. 

Gotta give a shout-out to him for being a wonderful husband and "baby daddy"! 

Top 10 Reasons I Love This Man...

  1. He is handsome! ; )
  2. He knows how to do just about anything... from hooking up electronics and fixing stuff around the house to helping me decorate the nursery.  Plus, he never complains about having to do any of it.
  3. He has a kind heart.
  4. He loves kids and kids love him.  He's not afraid to get on their level and be silly.  It's really cute!
  5. Lucie, our 3 year old lab mix, adores him!  He plays with her and walks her every day, rain or sun.  This is one of the best indicators of how he will be as a dad... and I know he will be an amazing dad!
  6. He has a good sense of humor and an adorable, infectious laugh.
  7. He takes good care of me.  Just this morning he got up and made me breakfast... which he does so very often. 
  8. He is ridiculously smart!  In about 6 months, I will fulfill my mom's dreams of marrying a Dr.!  Jason will earn his doctorate in neuroscience and continue medical research to help find cures and treatments.  I love that what he does could make such a big impact on humanity.
  9. He's always up for a good time!
  10. I know that I can always count on him... to do the right thing, to be the rock for our family, to support the decisions I make and to always be my partner.
Happy Birthday Jason!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

2 Weeks From D-Day!

Due date that is.  I have very mixed emotions about it.  I am anxious to meet the little guy that has made me sick, angry/emotional for no reason, tired and at the same time happy beyond comprehension. 

On the other hand... I am scared of labor and not knowing when/how it will all go down.  Plus, I am really going to miss having him in my tummy and our "mommy and me" time.  I love laying down at night and feeling him move around.  They have been some of the best moments of my life.  *tear*

This past week we had another doctor appointment and since his movements hadn't been as noticeable for a few days, they decided to hook me up to some monitors.  Looks like the reason I haven't been feeling him as much is because I have been having contractions!!!  Note the peaks on the lower line... look pretty regular huh?

Well... come to find out they were just Braxton Hicks.  However, at the time we didn't know if they were "real" or not.  So, Jason and I spent the rest of the day and entire night thinking it could be real labor.  The contractions were happening about every 5 minutes and some were pretty intense, but not painful.   All the websites said that BH would go away with lots of water and laying down and that they were mostly irregular.  The contractions I were feeling didn't go away when I laid down and were pretty regular.  I got up the next morning (after a loooonnnnggg night of interrupted sleep) and walked on the tread mill to see if they would get more intense and wouldn't you know... they stopped!  So frustrating! 

Anyway... still having some random contractions, but paying no attention to them.  I don't want to psyche myself out anymore.  I figure I'll know when true labor happens... either I will be in ridiculous pain or a baby's head will be coming out!  Well, hopefully I would get some warning before that happens!  :)

I have to show you all this super fun gift I received in the mail last week from my friend, Sarah.  Note that Sarah is pretty crafty and the gifts were beautifully wrapped.
The pink ribbon had a tag "For Mom" and the blue ribbon had a tag "For Baby"
The "mom" gift is Chew Beads... a necklace that is safe for baby to chew on and has a breakaway clasp.  How inventive and what a great gift idea!  All my mom-to-be friends are getting these! 
The "baby" gift is a fun little dog that has body parts that make different sounds. 
Thank you Sarah!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby H is now 'at term'!

Baby H is officially 'at term', meaning it is safe for him to come any day!  We went to the doctor this past week for our now weekly visits and had an ultrasound.  This was our 7th ultrasound of the pregnancy... note that 2 were  paid for (gender reveal and 4d).  We've been lucky to be able to see him so often. 

However, after getting one upsetting ultrasound, they make me really nervous.  Baby H had an EIF on his heart (echogenic intracardiac focus), which is a calcium deposit.  They had to keep watch of it to make sure it didn't grow or  cause blockage.  The u/s at 30 weeks showed that it hadn't grown and then the u/s this past week didn't even show it.  Thank you Jesus!

Here is his cute little face in 4D from this past week.  He has my nose!!!!  I think his overall face structure looks like Jason though.  I guess we'll be able to get a better look in a a few weeks when we officially meet him!

Everything else at the doctor appointment went great.  Baby H is measuring right on target and is head down.  My blood pressure is a bit higher than what it has been - which has been really low and my feet are only slightly swollen at the end of the night.  I guess it doesn't help that I haven't been resting the much or that I'm still wearing heels to work.  I am still able to wear my wedding rings, so I don't look like a "baby momma"!  Ha!

Overall, I sleep decently for a 9 month preggo and feel pretty good.  Work has been mega-stressful this past week and I have had to work a few 12 hour days.  This weekend the plan is to rest a lot, finish packing my hospital bag, shop for some last minute things and write thank you notes.  Gotta get everything done in case we meet our little guy sooner than expected!  :)

Oh yeah... can't forget to show you this...
Lucie snuggled up against my belly in bed  (belly is the lump to the right).  She is bonding with her brother.  How cute!

Karma for Lucie

A few months ago Lucie gave into her "wild" side, chased a squirrel down the street and killed it.  Ick!  

Soooo... for Halloween we dressed her like a squirrel.  That's karma for ya!

The nut in front cracks me up!

She was a sport and wore it for a few hours without much fuss.  Of course I fed her treats all night, including her fave - peanut butter crackers.  The kids loved it and Lucie loved all the attention!

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