Sunday, June 17, 2012

Henry - 5 Months (almost 2 months overdue)

  • You can sit up really well, although not unassisted yet.  We put you in your bumbo seat, but you fall over sometimes.  

  • You have discovered your feet and you like playing with them more than any toy.
  •  You laugh a lot and it's easier to catch your smiles on camera.  

  • You love to play with the tv remote and my iphone.  Bad habits to start, I know.
  •  You like for us to put our face close to yours so that you can grab it.  You especially like touching your daddy's beard.

  • You are still in size 3-6 months clothes and wear a size 2 diaper.  Not sure how much you weigh or your length... we'll find that out in another month.

  •  You still sleep pretty well at night, waking only once or twice.  I could probably break you of this by letting you "cry it out", but not sure I could bear it.  I HATE to hear you cry.  Good thing you rarely do.
  •  You love books.  I showed you a Dr. Seuss book at Kroger and ended up having to buy it because you cried when I put it back on the shelf.  No doubt I spoil you rotten.
  •  The Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship!!!  You were a champ and stayed up to watch the game.  Your daddy and I had always hoped we would be in Lexington to see the Cats win it all and a month before we moved, it happened!  However I always imagined that when it happened I would be out celebrating on the corner of Euclid and Woodland; not heading home to put my baby to bed.  Maybe you are a lucky charm.  
GO CATS!  You were really excited for them to play!
Picture taken right after the Kentucky Wildcats won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.
  •  We celebrated your first Easter.  You were not very interested in your Easter basket because Papaw had a ceiling fan to look at.  You liked visiting with all your family in Western Kentucky though.  Not sure you were ever put down.
You were more interested in Papaw's ceiling fan than the Easter basket.  The basket was Jason's when he was little.

  • Your girlfriend, Evie, came to visit again.  You even let her sleep in your crib.
  •  When you sleep, you still put your hands by your ears or on your forehead.  In most of our u/s pics you did this too. 
  •  I can't wait to spend more time with you once we move and I have a break off from work.  You are in the best moods in the morning and I love spending that time with you.


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  2. That Henry is just the sweetest! So glad to see a post from you. Hope you guys are getting settled after the move. Take care!


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