Saturday, November 5, 2011

Baby H is now 'at term'!

Baby H is officially 'at term', meaning it is safe for him to come any day!  We went to the doctor this past week for our now weekly visits and had an ultrasound.  This was our 7th ultrasound of the pregnancy... note that 2 were  paid for (gender reveal and 4d).  We've been lucky to be able to see him so often. 

However, after getting one upsetting ultrasound, they make me really nervous.  Baby H had an EIF on his heart (echogenic intracardiac focus), which is a calcium deposit.  They had to keep watch of it to make sure it didn't grow or  cause blockage.  The u/s at 30 weeks showed that it hadn't grown and then the u/s this past week didn't even show it.  Thank you Jesus!

Here is his cute little face in 4D from this past week.  He has my nose!!!!  I think his overall face structure looks like Jason though.  I guess we'll be able to get a better look in a a few weeks when we officially meet him!

Everything else at the doctor appointment went great.  Baby H is measuring right on target and is head down.  My blood pressure is a bit higher than what it has been - which has been really low and my feet are only slightly swollen at the end of the night.  I guess it doesn't help that I haven't been resting the much or that I'm still wearing heels to work.  I am still able to wear my wedding rings, so I don't look like a "baby momma"!  Ha!

Overall, I sleep decently for a 9 month preggo and feel pretty good.  Work has been mega-stressful this past week and I have had to work a few 12 hour days.  This weekend the plan is to rest a lot, finish packing my hospital bag, shop for some last minute things and write thank you notes.  Gotta get everything done in case we meet our little guy sooner than expected!  :)

Oh yeah... can't forget to show you this...
Lucie snuggled up against my belly in bed  (belly is the lump to the right).  She is bonding with her brother.  How cute!


  1. Cute blog! Many blessings to you and your baby. :)

  2. Yay!! Congrats on being at term!

  3. Did you show your nursery yet?? I would love to see :)

  4. Thanks girls! The nursery is still a work in progress. I found some cute ideas on Pinterest, so my old ideas are out the window. Heading to Micheal's today to get supplies! Hopefully I will get it done this week and can post pics.

  5. How exciting! That baby will be here before you know it! Can't wait til you get to meet that little guy!


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