Thursday, May 3, 2012

Henry - 4 Months (this post is a month late)

  • You like to spit and blow bubbles.  We are at the point where you need to be wearing a bib all the time to keep from soaking your shirt.
  • You love to make noises, including fake coughing.
  •  You have started to giggle and do it mostly when we put you on your changing table.  It is still your favorite place to be.

  •  You still sleep great at night... even with the time change.  On most nights I only have to get up and feed you once.  I actually really like this time with you and don't want it to stop.
Cuddling with your Aunt Yvette (aka. Maymi)
  •  You rarely cry.  If you are unhappy you just grunt.
  •  You love to watch ESPN in the morning with your dad. 
He fell asleep watching tv.
  • We watched A LOT of college basketball this month... Go Cats!!!
  •  You grab at your toys and love sitting in your the Jumperoo that Aunt Deanna gave you.  
  • You now wear 3-6 months clothes.  We still like to put you in the zipup sleepers because they are comfy and make diaper changes easy.
At Triangle Park in Lexington on St. Patty's Day.  The Cats played that day, so in Lexington there were more people wearing blue than green.
  •  At your 4 month checkup you were 25.5" tall (66%), 14 lb/4oz (34%) and 41.5cm head (27%). 
  •  Lucie got her whiskers pulled for the first time by you, but she just turned her head.  Good dog!
 You are at the most fun age... even though I have a feeling I will be saying that about every age.  Love you, my lovey!

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