Sunday, June 26, 2011

Snips, snails and puppy dog tails...

We're having a BOY!
Isn't he adorable?!  He is already the cutest little boy in the world!

I do have pictures of his boy parts, but thought I would keep this blog PG.  :)

We did the "gender reveal" ultrasound at my doctors office  at 16 weeks.  My guess before going in was that it was a boy and Jason guessed girl.  We were thrilled to know we would be parents to a son!

I made cupcakes to tell my family... by filling the cupcake with blue icing.  I will post pics of that when I get around to loading the pictures to my comp from my camera.  I am so slow at getting things accomplished these days. 

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of baby: Mango or Grapefruit
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Went to the doctor last week and gained a whole pound!!!  Whoot-whoot!!!  Drinking all those nasty Ensure supplement shakes are working.  Also, having the food police as my husband helps too.  In all seriousness, he has been awesome.  Could not have gotten through this without him... actually wouldn't be in this position without him either. ;)
Maternity Clothes: My pants still hang loose on me and my poor butt is non-existent... however, my shirts are getting a little tight.  In fact, I can't wear my button up shirts anymore.  I went outlet shopping this weekend, thinking I could just buy a size larger.  Nope, the fit is all wrong.  I guess I will be hitting up the maternity clothing stores sooner than I thought.  Gotta get some cute stuff for my upcoming trip to Miami!
Gender: TEAM BLUE!  We're having a precious boy!
Movement: Yes... lots of it!  I felt the first flutters on June 21 and then last night they were so strong Jason was able to feel one kick!  It's a very strange feeling and freaked me out at first, but amazing at the same time. 
Sleep: I have been staying up later b/c the sickness hasn't been as bad.  Not being able to sleep on my back and stomach is hard to adjust to.  I sleep in the middle of a pillow fortress to keep from rolling onto my back. 
What I miss: Eating Jimmy Johns!!!  Pretty sure I will keep JJ on my list throughout this entire pregnancy.  Also, today I really wanted a greek pizza from The Grey Goose and couldn't b/c it had feta cheese on it.
Cravings:  KFC - I have a hillbilly baby that wants fried chicken all the time!  Also, this week I had a hankering for some summer sausage and beer cheese on crackers.  I figured a little bit wouldn't hurt.  Well... the heartburn did!  Never again!
Symptoms: Still a spitter and nauseous a lot, but not vomiting near as much as I had been.  Heartburn can be bad, but controllable with Pepcid.
Best Moment this week: Feeling the baby move and seeing Jason's reaction to it.  He was like a kid on Christmas morning!

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