Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baby Moon in Miami

For those of you who haven't ever heard the phrase "Baby Moon" before... it the last vacation a couple takes before their family of 2 becomes a family of 3.

I had my heart set on taking a baby moon, but had been so sick up until a few weeks before that we weren't sure if we were going to be able to go.  I really wanted a nice, stress free trip to the beach before baby came and our trips became all about hauling baby equipment around and life-size cartoon characters.  Not that I don't look forward to traveling with our little babe eventually.  :)

Anyway... the flight to Fort Lauderdale (by myself... Jason was already there for a conference) was smooth.  Thank goodness!  I was so nervous about the possibility of getting sick on the plane.  Thank you Zofran!  Once landing, I met up with Jason and our friends, Mona and David, for a fun day at the beach.  
Virgin Pina Colada

The next morning we had the best breakfast I've ever had... french toast and ham at The Floridean.  Prior to the trip, my "morning" sickness had caused me to have a limited appetite.  That all changed the week of the trip.  I became a bottomless pit!  
I devoured all but 2 pieces of the french toast!
After breakfast, we headed to Miami for the rest of our trip.  Jason found us an awesome condo on 1st Street in South Beach for less than $150 a night.  That is unheard of in Miami... the Hilton hotel that the condo was in charged over $300 a night.  My husband is awesome at finding vacation deals!
View from our condo in South Beach.
We had a great time in Miami, with near perfect weather, but honestly, it isn't a place I would want to come back.  Traffic was horrendous!  It took us an hour to drive 10 miles away.  The city wasn't as upscale or clean as I imagined it would be... neither were the people.  Plus... it was too hot to walk anywhere, so you had to drive or pay for a cab.  We spent most of our time on the beach... which was fabulous!  I totally rocked the bikini, since currently I am all belly.  It's actually really cute.  I do have some baby bump pics on the beach, but I'm not brave enough to let those go public.  :)
Our last night in Miami, taken on the beach, minutes before a nasty storm rolled in.
Baby Bump - 21 weeks.  How cute is this cover-up?!
We did take an afternoon/evening and drive down to the Keys.  We were on a mission for Key Lime Pie and found some at a great beach side fishers market and restaurant in Islamorada.
Driving to the Keys... water on both sides of the road.
 We are lucky to have great friends, who kept Lucie for us while we were gone.  Here is a cute pic of Lucie and Willy on their way to the dog park.  Something tells me she didn't miss us too much!
Now that this vacation is over, I can't help but start thinking about the next vacation sometime next summer or fall.  Hmmmm... where to take a 6-9 month old????


  1. Hi! I am your newest follower! I am pregnant and am planning our babymoon ;) I wish I had known you earlier....I would have told you to stay away from Miami. I have been there 2 times and was NOT IMPRESSED at all.

  2. Thanks for following and congrats on your pregnancy! Hope you pick a better place for your babymoon! :)


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