Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Diggin'...

Some things I am diggin' this week...

Kindle - Jason won this for having "data of the week" in his lab and since he never reads, I stole it.  I never thought I would like an e-reader, but it's easier than a paperback when nursing or holding Henry.  Currently I am reading the Outlander series.  I would love to get the Kindle Fire, but am waiting until later this year when the screen is supposed to be larger. 
Latisse - I meant to do a before/after pic, but I am already 6 weeks into using it.  I used Latisse last year before I got pregnant and my lashes had finally reached their full potential when I stopped using it.  My lashes were ridiculous (see pic below)!  I bought a new bottle a few weeks before Henry arrived, just so I could start back asap.  It takes 12-16 weeks to fully grow, so I should have amazing, granddaddy long leg eyelashes by Spring! 

Pic of me and my nephew, Peyton, taken last February.
This purse from The Limited, which I am not letting myself buy.  It's only $80, but I can't be spending that much on a purse I don't need  but want really bad when we have to start paying $175/wk for daycare next month.  I got an email advertising 40% off their entire website earlier this week and was psyched about using the discount to get this purse for $50... but when I went to checkout the promo code had expired.  Bummer.
This shirt... which I did buy.  It was only $17.99 at Target.  I need clothes that fit loose around the tummy.  I am back to pre-pregnancy weight, but still have a "marshmallow" belly.  :/
Orange Leaf - They just opened an OL a few miles from my house, so we went on Monday... and I plan on going back tomorrow.  Good thing I am breastfeeding and don't have to worry about watching my weight!  

I am also diggin' these chubby cheekers!


  1. That shirt...and those cheeks are super cute!!!

  2. I also love my Kindle. I didn't think I would, but since there are some heavy books I want to read it comes in very handy. Plus I will be nursing starting April...should make it easier.

  3. Awe those chubby cheeks are way too cute, as is the purse and shirt!! Love it all!


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