Saturday, September 17, 2011

Someone needs to remind me...

... that I have a baby coming in 2 months!

I mean, obviously I haven't forgotten that I only have 10 weeks left until Baby H makes his debut... this big belly is enough of a reminder.  However, I should be reminded that having a child is not cheap!

The past few weeks I have been DYING to shop and blow some serious $$$.  I don't know what has gotten into me.  Just a few months ago when Jason asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I couldn't think of even one little thing.  Well, if he were to ask me now, my list would be longer than a kid's letter to Santa! 

Everyone keeps telling me not to buy baby stuff because we have all these showers coming up.  So instead, I decided to treat myself to a few goodies.  I deserve it, right?

Alex and Ani expandable bangle bracelets in Russian Gold.  I have been looking everywhere for bracelets to fit my tiny 5.5" wrists and have FINALLY found them!  I love them so much that I ordered another set in Russian Silver!  Thanks to Pink Lou Lou for posting these on your blog!

I have spent the past month cleaning out every closet, nook and cranny in our house to make room for the massive amount of baby stuff we will soon have.  What I found was that if I never went shopping again for makeup or toiletry items, I would still never run out!  Did that stop me from dropping by Sephora yesterday and picking up this expensive fun eyeshadow palette?  Nope!  It is the NAKED Palette from Urban Decay and is AMAZING!
Everyone I know that has a pair of TOMS shoes loves them!  After going through my fall clothes, I decided I needed a new pair of comfortable, casual shoes without a heel.  Most of my shoes for fall and winter have heels and that is not practical when I'm 8/9 months pregnant or hauling around a baby in a car seat.  So I went online and ordered a pair of these... only to find out when they arrived that I ordered the wrong size.  : (  Now I have to mail them back and wait for a new pair. Ugh!  At least TOMS is a good company - with every shoe purchase they provide a pair of shoes for a child in need.
With the sudden cooler weather, I had to stop by Yankee Candle and get some  new fall fragrance Car Jars.  Apple Cider is the one currently hanging in my car and smells delish!  Jason thinks it smells like an old lady's car.  I also picked up Spiced Pumpkin and Cranberry Chutney. 
That wasn't so bad, was it?  My mommy friends all tell me that once babe gets here, I won't buy things for myself anymore, so I better enjoy doing it now.  Well, that is one piece of advice out of the millions I have received that I am taking.  : )

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