Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Shower In Western KY

My wonderful sisters (sister-in-law, Nicky, included) threw me a super fun jungle themed shower last weekend.  One thing I have to say is that MY FAMILY KNOWS BABIES!  I have 20 nieces/nephews and 2 great-nephews... and counting!  ; )  Shhhhh... word on the street is that Baby H won't be the baby of the family for long.  I'll keep that little secret to myself for now.

My family of wise-women knew exactly what I would need for Baby H and with one baby shower, they wiped out most of our "need to buy for baby" list and then some things I didn't even know I needed.  We filled up my little Honda Fit to the max!

I am one lucky mommy-to-be to have all this parenting knowledge at my disposal.  Who needs to read pregnancy and parenting books when I have sisters???  I do get sad thinking about not having my mom during this time, but I had 27 years to watch and learn from her as she cared for my siblings and I, along with all her grandchildren.

Here are some pics from the shower...

These are the table centerpieces... aren't they precious?  I am planning to use the little animals as decor in the nursery.  Once my projects are underway, I will post pics.

Cloth Diaper Wreath that will be going on my hospital door.

It was delicious too!  I should know... I ate 3 slices!
 My sister Yvette made monkey cupcakes!  How fun are these???

 My sister, Jana, made this diaper cake.  My favorite part of it is the monkey's ghetto sock cap.  Haha!  It is actually a really cute bear cap with little ears.  The monkey is one of those kid backpack's with a leash.

Parents-to-be in front of our cake and by our gift table.  The sweater dress did nothing for my figure... at least nothing good for it.  You can't tell in these pics, but I am rocking some super cute wedge boots with leggings that make my legs look killer!

 Baby Peyton with his mom, Nicky (my sister-in-law) and Jason with his best buddy, Ty (my sister, Deanna's oldest son).  Looks like they are playing chicken!

Of course I got a onesie with something about an Aunt!  I have bought numerous "aunt" shirts over the years, so it is fun to have one for my baby.

I have some very talented Aunts... my Aunt Nina Gail (who I am named after - my middle name is Gale) crocheted Baby H a brightly colored, beautiful blanket.  It looks more blue in the pic, but it is more of a teal green.  If we ever have a girl, we can use it b/c the colors are gender neutral.

 This one my Aunt Jannett made... it's a bit larger with a different pattern.  Can't wait to wrap my babe in this during the cold winter months and snuggle!  :)

 A UK onesie for our future Wildcat!  The shirt reads "this is how I roll".  Baby H will be sporting this for UK Basketball Season!  GO CATS!!!

These books are a gift to Baby H from his cousin, Ty.  No telling how many books Jason and I have read to Ty.  Every time I visit him, he brings me 5-6 books at a time for me to read and within an hour we are surrounded on the couch by no less than 20 books.  He never tires of being read to.  I hope Baby H loves books as much as he does!  

 Nearing the end of the gift-opening... I believe Jason is getting a little annoyed tired.  Ha!  So glad this was caught on camera!

My nephew Jack stealing toys from the gift bags.

My sister, Yvette, and niece, Jaclyn, hi-jacked my camera and I found about 10 pics of them making funny faces.  Little did they know I would post them online.  Muhahahahaha!

Thanks to my nephews, Ty and Cooper, for letting us practice.  Notice Ty's hand in my hair... he does this when he gets sleepy.  It's adorable, until you have to sleep in the same bed with him and he does it all night.

We are in the early stages of designing the nursery... please ignore the pink bedspread...  it's is the first thing to go!  We can't have pink in a baby boy's room.  I wanted  you all to see all the gifts we unpacked and Lucie in the middle of it all wondering what the heck is happening to her house and why she can't play with all the fun toys in the bags! 

 Two of the five showers down and we already have a closet full... not to mention the dresser is already packed.  If you think you spot a blue dress in the back of the closet (on the right side), you are correct.  Before we announced that Baby H was a boy, my dad had given me this dress.  My mom bought it last year before she passed away, knowing that if I ever had a baby it would be a girl.  One day momma...

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