Friday, December 23, 2011

One Month

Happy one month to my sweet (sometimes cranky) baby!

  • You are getting chubbier every day!  You were 6 lbs, 14.5 oz at your 2 week dr. appt and I anticipate you are close to 9 lbs now.  
  • We survived your 3 week growth spurt on little to no sleep.  You were very fussy and wanted to eat 24/7!  I learned how hard motherhood could be.
  • You now sleep pretty good at night, letting us have 2.5-3 hour stretches of sleep.
  • You are sweetest in the middle of the night when you are most alert.
  • You seem to like my awful singing and don't mind that I make up songs about random objects in the room.
  • You have started sleeping in your crib, even though it takes us a few tries to get you to stay there without crying.
  • At week 4 you started paying more attention to your toys.
  • You like Tummy Time with Daddy.
  • I swear  you are trying to smile at me, but Daddy doesn't believe me.
  • You are very close to growing out of your newborn clothes. *tear*  However, your Christmas outfits are all 0-3 months, so at least we have a few days where you can wear them.
  • Santa is coming to see you tomorrow night and we, er, I mean he can't wait to eat the Andes Creme de Menthe cookies I bought for him!
Tummy Time!

Your first bottle, given at 3 weeks.

Dre & Christina meet you and you were very good for them!

Scary Face!

The reason they tell you to not let your newborn sleep in the boppy.  Disclaimer:  we were on the couch the whole time.

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