Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Henry - 3 Months

  • You are OBSESSED with your hands and spend 80% of your wake time trying to fit your entire fist into your mouth.
  • You now hate tummy time.  To build your neck muscles, Jason has to fly you around like superman while you hold your neck up.
  • You now bat at the toys hanging from your playmat.  This means it keeps you entertained for longer periods of time!
  •  You are content sitting in your bouncy seat while I get a shower.  I started doing this when you got sick at 10 weeks old and the shower steam helped you to breathe easier.
  •  Speaking of your first cold... it was TERRIBLE!  It honestly didn't seem to bother you much, but I cried a lot.  (I was sick too.)  You got over it in 5 days, luckily.
  • You are still wearing 0-3 month clothes, but will be growing out of them any day now.
  •  You sometimes look at Lucie, but don't pay any attention to her... even when she walks by and licks your head.
  • I went back to work (on V-day) and you went to daycare at 12 weeks old.  You are doing awesome and they love you.  You only cry when you're hungry and smile when anyone talks to you.
  • I come to visit  you during my lunch each day and nurse.  It's the best part of my day.  
  •  You learned how to spit and blow bubbles. 
  • You like to watch tv and will turn your head to see it.  Don't worry, I'm not one of those mothers than uses tv to babysit... even though there have been times that I have been tempted.  ; )
  •  You are a great sleeper!  Sometimes you sleep ALL NIGHT... I'm talking 10 hours straight!  Sometimes you wake up once or twice, but after eating you go right back to sleep.
  • Everyone still says you look like your dad.  Can't say I mind since I think your dad is quite handsome.
  •  Speaking of that daddy of yours... you sure do like him.  You are always watching him and smiling.
  •  You smile A LOT!  We can even get some giggles out of you now.
  • Your favorite place to be is on the changing table.  You start smiling, cooing and kicking your feet when we put you on it. 
  • We bought a bunch of Soothie pacis and thought that you just didn't care for pacis in general.  Wrong.  I just happened to give you a Avent paci and you went to town on it!  I've since discovered you like Nuk pacis too.
  • We take you lots of places with us and you are always so good... never making a peep.
  •   Everyone who meets you adores you... and I can't blame them.  You are quite the charmer.

I love you so much and life just doesn't seem long enough now that you are a part of it.  
Happy 3 months to my sweetums!


    1. Love it!! Are you printing these out and putting them in a book for him later??

    2. Yes - I think this is much easier than writing in a baby book and printing out pics.

    3. He is precious ! I love his wall art that spells his name in his room! So cute :)

    4. Hey girl!! Long time no chat!! He is PRECIOUS!!!!! LOVE!!!! xoxox


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