Monday, February 13, 2012

V-Day Swap Reveal

My first swap was a success!  I was paired up with Jules from A Beautiful Day, who I discovered spent some of her childhood in Kentucky!  She grew up close to where my husband did.  Small world!  

She has such a fun personality and I enjoyed shopping for her!  Visit her blog to see what I got her and to get to know her better.  She is planning on doing a giveaway once she reaches 50 followers... help a sista out and follow her!  If her giveaway is anything as good as my swap gift, you are in for a treat!

When I opened the package I could not believe my eyes... which quickly filled with tears.  It was beautiful... perfect actually.
Framed pictures with scrapbook paper, ribbon, borders, etc... handmade card and heart box with yummy Hershey Kisses!  Note the birth stats in the top middle.
Here is a pic of it without the glass frame, so you can get a better look at the details.

Julie owns a scrapbooking company, Pictures & Pens, and put her talents to work using pics from my blog.  It is precious!  The colors are perfect... our house is decorated in red and black.  She didn't even know that!  This frame will have a primo place in our living room when we buy our new house... which we are currently hunting for.  

Thank you so much, Julie!  I really appreciate all the time and care you took in making this.  I am so happy we got paired up and look forward to a lifelong bloggy friendship!


  1. Awww, Ashley....thank you so much for the sweet write up! I am so glad that you love your goodies. I cannot get my link to work so I can't link up. :( I had a horrible time getting signed up in the first place, so I guess history is repeating itself. Oh, well! Have a great day and I hope you find something fun to do for yourself while Henry is at daycare. Hang in there will make it!

  2. ohmygoodness! that is SO cute!!!

  3. AHHH! That is BEAUTIFUL! What a thoughtful gift. I would've teared up too!

  4. aww i think this is the most thoughtful gift!!! so sweet!

  5. Oh my gosh!! That is seriously so amazing she put that together for you. I would be crying, too! Wow, I can't get over how thoughtful this is.

    By the way, did you just have a baby over Christmas? I totally did too!! EEEE!!

    Thank you for participating in our swap! I'm happy that you had so much fun with it!!!


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